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© 2020 SeeKevSing Music - Kevin Wood


Live with Grace - July 20, 2020

I can't see your face today
I can't tell if that's a smile or frown
I think we're all kinda feeling the same
Somewhere in the middle of in-between

I think it's easy to forget that
That you're not the only one going through it
I won't pretend to know your story
But I've gotta believe in this life

If there is darkness I will be light
If there is fear I will be hope
If there is loneliness, anxiety, sickness and disease
I will be brave
I believe that laughter drowns out the noise
I believe that honesty can conquer all lies
If we can find forgiveness in humanity
We can all learn to live with grace
That's what I pray for today

We're all feeling a bit helpless
It's hard to drown the noise of isolation
Doing what we can behind our mask
To get through these trying times
Get through these trying times


It's the little things taken for granted
They're all we've got right now
Simple phone call to your mother
The sun comes shining out
We've got to realize we're all we've got now
To get to the other side


© 2020 Kevin Wood