1. Scrapbook

From the recording Songs That I Have Written


So here they are again the thoughts I’m on my own
My days get darker I feel more and more alone
The pressure always there at times I cannot breath
Put on a happy face be perfect make believe
Oh, but you, you keep coming back to listen
You, you just want me as I am
So let me paint a portrait of the times you’ve been here in this room
Take a snapshot of the day I got to meet you
Write it in a notebook all your words that got me through
Keep a scrapbook in my place
So when I’m alone and face to face 
With all my doubts and everything that I can’t do
I’ll remember you
It’s like I’m at the window outside looking in
You’re waiting for my entrance so we can begin
I’m scared to fail you I don’t want to let you down
When did the way I look at me get turned around
‘Cause with you it’s an open invitation
Yeah you, you just want me as I am