Kickstarter Update #5

Project Update #5: 21% left to go and 20 days to do it...let's reach the stars!
Posted by Kevin Wood

"Out Among The Wolves" is 79% funded!  

I'm so proud of this project and so happy to see where we've come!  We have 20 more days to get to 100%, so we need to keep spreading the word and getting those involved who haven't yet pledged.

As you know by now it's all-or-nothing funding here at Kickstarter.  

We make our goal of $10,000 by November 21st, we all get an awesome CD in our hands and get to celebrate that we all worked hard together to make it come to fruition.  

If we don't make our goal, no funding happens for Album #3 and we start all over again with a new plan of attack.  

87 of you have pledged your support and helped this campaign get to $7,915 in 40 days!  That is incredible!  Look at how far we've come!  It'd be a shame to get this close and then have nothing to show for it.  So, let's keep the momentum going!  


Videos and songs for inspiration!  I've added some songs and videos of my music to the Kickstarter page so those who haven't heard me can be inspired to pledge and close this gap.  So, there's no better time than now to get your friends and family members to check out the campaign!  They may just be inclined to join in on the fun!

New $350 reward!  Skype Date / Coffee Date!  

NEW!!! - SKYPE DATE or COFFEE DATE (for those in SoCal), where you can ask anything you'd like about Album #3 or whatever you've been dying to know - Digital downloads of 3 rare, never before released songs by Kevin sent to you by email 2 weeks before the release. - A special thank you in the liner notes of "Out Among The Wolves" for being a SeeKevSing BELIEVER - 2 signed posters addressed to you and a loved one, thanking you for your support - 3 signed copies of the new album sent to your door - A special thanks on the website
Want to support Album #3 even more?  Manage your pledge amount.  Many of you have asked about pledging and if you're able to change your pledge.  Yes!  If you'd like to change your pledge and get an even better reward click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the top right of my page. There you'll have your choices laid out in front of you for rewards, and you can make your updated pledge.  Thanks to those who already have shown increased support by changing your pledge amount!  

We're so close!  20 days to go!  Let's get to the finish line together!


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