Kickstarter Update #17

"Out Among The Wolves" is HERE!

Happy Birthday To Me!  The Best Birthday Present EVER!!!

Hey Everybody! Out Among The Wolves arrived in the mail on Thursday, and it looks and sounds terrific! I spent the good part of this last weekend boxing up all of your CD's and Posters, and they will all be in the mail tomorrow. If you haven't checked your email yet, I sent out all the Digital Download rewards on Friday. Listen to the CD and enjoy!  It's yours! Each and every one of you helped make this album a reality. I'm so proud of this 3rd CD, and I hope you take just as much pride in knowing you helped create it!

I look forward to hearing from you! Please send me your feedback on the album. Let me know you got the CD in the mail so I can rest assured that each and every one of you got your reward.  

Thanks again for all of your help. Happy Birthday to me! This is the best way I can imagine spending my birthday today - thanking each and every one of you by getting you your own copy of "Out Among The Wolves."

Happy Listening!


Kevin Wood