Kevin Wood

You Know I Would

Kevin Wood
Kevin Wood


Pastel pinks and blues frame the outline of your house

Sunset oranges make a wall of the sky

This picture-perfect postcard is one to keep


I better buy a few more tacks to hang your photos on my wall

These memories that make me smile

You and I will be friends for always


And If I had a way to say I love you

If I had a way to say I care

If I had a way to say you mean the world to me 

I would

You know I would


I never thought that our time would come ticking to an end

A few more paragraphs to bring our chapter to a close

We will all be traveling on different roads


You know I would dance in the spotlight of our stage

You know I would act out a million daring kills for you

You know I would sing songs unsung until the night became dawn

All for you

All for you