Kevin Wood

Rainy Day LA

Kevin Wood
Kevin Wood


It’s a drizzly Monday evening 

As your work flies you away

How the storm sounded from your ceiling 

As we cuddled and kissed yesterday

Pack me up tight 

With your suits and your ties

Cleverness cracked our smiles

A simple soft goodnight 

And a ‘have a safe flight’ 

For a week from rainy day L.A.


How we laughed and we joked revealing

Small little pieces of us

Found it easy to stop concealing 

And allowing to give into trust

All I can do 

Is keep thinking of you

Envious of New York

The sunny autumn air

I wish I could be there

Jealous Tuesday, rainy day L.A.


It’s so hard to explain this feeling

Crazy excitement, cool calm

Like a prophet in awe and kneeling

I’m rejoicing by humming a psalm

Cryptic in verse

I don’t know which is worse

Too much said or a song

Well, I’ll keep it dry tonight

And like lightning I will write

Stay in Wednesday, rainy day L.A.


‘Cause all I can do

Is keep thinking of you

Envious of New York

Well, it’s just a few more days

Till you bring some sun this way

And dry up rainy day L.A.

Melt all of the clouds away Sunday

It’s been a week-long rainy day L.A.