Kevin Wood

Bye, Bye, Bye

Kevin Wood
Kevin Wood


Step one, write a song to get you outta my head

Step two, plan a party, remind myself I’m not dead

Step three, look around at all those faces that I love

And say, ‘Man, look what you got

Don’t tell me that you ever forgot


‘Cause you’re alive

You’ve got friends

We’ve got a history that proves to me

They are here till the end

So sing a song

Play the piano

Don’t waste your energy on a memory

Shake it off and let go

So bye bye bye

Bye bye bye

Hello you and you and you and you

Yeah, let’s do this again

So bye bye bye

Bye bye bye

I’m gettin’ by with a little help from my friends

So bye bye bye’


Step four, get the food out and open up the champagne

Step five, toast to what’s next and get a little insane

Step six, take a moment and make sure to breathe it all in

And say, ‘Man, look what you got

The future starts right here in this spot


Getting by with some help from my friends

Don’t tell me that you’ll ever forget