I'm a Hopeless Romantic... - ...throw me Out Among The Wolves

Hey everybody!  Thanks for stopping by  I'm so excited to share with you my newest album, "Out Among the Wolves."  It's my newest collection of what I have to say have to be some of the most sincere songs I've written.  I was honored to record these songs with my incredible friend and collegue, Alicia Champion, who was the engineer of my debut Album, "Haven't Had Enough".  We met back in Boston where we went to school at Berklee College of Music.  I can't even describe the days I spent there...full of inspiration, a wealth of talented musicians all around me...and the first love of my life.  Songs on this album still come from that time...That's how incredible my years were in Boston. 

​"Haven't had Enough", my first album, was recorded just blocks away from what has always been the heart of Boston.  Alicia and I recorded it in her small studio apartment during the Winter and Spring of 2002.  The day I got the first copy of the album in my hands, I was off to tour in the national tour of the amazing broadway smash hit of the later 90's, RENT.  I remember when RENT came out, my senior year in high shcool...I was just coming out to myself as a gay 18 year old young man.  Seeing a community of Bohemian artists embrace each other's differences and standing up for love and  individuality put so much hope in me.  I grew up in a small Wyoming town, where I felt I was the only different one around.  Seeing the Tony Awards my senior year was a life changing moment for me.  I graduated and went to school for 3 years at the University of Northern Colorado where I studied musical theatre.  I played some great roles and met some amazing friends.  I was an R.A. in the dorms and had my first relationship with a guy.  It wasn't until 1999, in Greeley, Colorado, when I first really felt the inspiration to follow my dreams of being a singer/songwriter.  It was when I was introduced to Paula Cole's "This Fire" Album from my roommate Nikki.  When I saw her perform live on T.V. and later in a concert in Denver I couldn't stop writing.  I had written my first song at age 16, but here at 19, I just couldn't stop.  I found out Paula went to Berklee and looked into it.  A fellow student at UNC had been to Berklee and she suggested I go.  I applied for scholarships and before I knew it, a new dream was coming true...going to school at Berklee College of Music...a place where a boy from Wyoming never would have believed could be a possibility.  

In the fall of 1999 I was off to Boston, and I do believe my life changed the minute I was breathing the Boston air.  Here I was in the midst of some of the most talented musicians I had known...and probably ever will know.  I wrote like crazy.  I collaborated with incredible friends and recorded songs and songs and songs and songs.  I performed as much as I could, and I just couldn't stop.

So, when I had graduated and made my 1st album and was now on the tour of RENT I just felt I was on a roll!  While on tour around the United States and Canada that year, I wrote and wrote and wrote again...some of those songs are also on this new album.  My experience being on stage in a musical that was so influential to my core was unprecedented...but there was still something missing.  I loved what I was doing, but I just knew playing a role night after night wasn't going to do it.  As much as I love and respect theatre, and have done it since, I know it's not where I'm 100% at home.

Home?  That's behind the piano, singing the songs that I have written.  After my year in RENT, I made my move to Los Angeles and settled in the amazing community of Long Beach.  I instantly connected with the down-to-Earth people and way of life.  I lived in a studio and wrote and wrote and wrote.  I went out and sang karaoke to meet new friends.  I got cast in musicals, and I waited tables.  The one thing I miss while being in California is my family back in Wyoming.  But in Long Beach, I'm able to live as an openly gay man and enjoy the musical and artistic opportunities that are available here.  In 2006 I recorded my 2nd album "Finding Me".  I went on a small tour of the Northwest United States and made a fun self-shot video of "Make It In L.A".  Not long after, I got cast to be the lead singer on a cruise ship with Holland America and traveled a good part of the world, seeing over 14 countries in Europe, Asia, South America and Central America.  While at sea, though, what did I do?  Yes, I sang and made a living at it, but, again...I wrote and wrote and wrote...and when I got off that ship, I finally realized I needed to write and write and write for a living.  

"Out Among the Wolves"​​​ ​is my 3rd studio album, but I honestly feel it's my first album that I know where I stand.  I've had a lot of life experiences that have led me to here, and I'm so excited to share them with you.  I was able to enlist my listeners to help me in the making of this album with, and I'm so proud to say that "Out Among The Wolves" is the first collaborative event in my life where my fans, and friends and supporters all came together and helped me in the making of it.  Not only do I get to record these songs and make them a reality, I get to enjoy them with a community of support that assisted me in achieving a hefty goal.  Even my long-time idol, Paula Cole contributed to making "Out Among The Wolves" a reality!  

​I hope you enjoy what you hear on my new album.  It's a little bit "Haven't Had Enough", a little bit "Finding Me" and a little bit new Kevin...I'm exploring this life being a hopeless romantic...where yes, the wolves can really try to eat you up.  But I really don't mind it.  "Throw me out among the wolves....I know deep down love's gonna find me".

Happy Listening!  Thanks for all your support.  Tell all your friends about and the new album.  "Like" me on Facebook!  Follow me on Twitter!  I wouldn't have the confidence I have in my music if it weren't for all of your kind words of encouragement.  You are why I keep inspired to write.  Let's enjoy this album together!